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FDM 6.20 released

FDM, a free download manager, continues to evolve. The new release, 6.20, runs on a completely new core, with UI designed from scratch. We made it to ensure FDM works smoothly on every modern device it can be run on. Also, there are 20+ new features and a dozen bug fixes.

Free Download Manager 6.20 comes in two versions. They are designed for the newest operating systems based on QT-6 and earlier but still widely used OS relying on QT-5. The former are

  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 11, 
  • Ubuntu 20.04, 
  • MacOs 10.14+ (Mojave, Catalina, etc.)

and the latter are

  • MacOs 10.12 (Sierra), 
  • MacOs 10.13 (High Sierra), 
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, 
  • Ubuntu below 20.04, and other Linux-based operating systems.

You’ll see a special section with versions for the “latter” list above on the FDM’s downloads page. If your system is in the “former” list, we’ll automatically suggest the build for you.

Some of the new features in Free Download Manager 6.20.

  • Battery settings in desktop version of FDM.
  • Improved downloading of live streams and from websites, and generally better experience for Linux-based systems.
  • No sleeping while downloading: we’ve added a setting that lets you disable switching to sleep mode if there’s a download scheduled.
  • Web browser user agent as a default option.
  • Support for Android 13.
  • Finnish localization. Tervetuloa!

Go to FDM Downloads page to get your copy of Free Download Manager, a stable, reliable, time-proven (since 2004) software for all your online downloading needs.

FDM Downloads page

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